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Well. It's time for me to think about this 2011 and everything it brought to my life. I don't do these things often, maybe because I think it's not worth to talk about myself. But it's good to sum things up sometimes.

The Bad

Comics: Don't missundertand. I was doing great on this aspect. I was so happy to spend all the vacations doing comics. It was what my soul wanted, and I was 'good'  (or at least responsible) in it.  This transformed my point of view about my life. Life was short, and I didn't want to waste it as a 'fake' engineer (I never felt like one, I was just a good student, but never had that 'spark' of engineer), but as someone who could live doing something enjoyable. The way would be harder as a comic artist (Engineers make more money, more stable jobs), but the satisfaction would be many times superior . This evolved on the second aspect of the year, and maybe the most important choice:

Studies: I couldn't bear the fact of finishing a master (Biomedical Engineering) which I had zero motiviation to continue. And that got my sick, first psichologically, and finally phisically, due to the pressure from the family, and from my teachers (I was recognized as the best student from my generation, and that was a big burden for me). I didn't want to dissapoint anybody, but I had to took the decision to leave it for good.

Love: Harsh breakup. It was necesary. Suffering is necesary, so you can be stronger, and warn people to not commit the same mistakes as you did. The good thing is, I realized I no longer have harsh feelings for 'that' person. When you love someone, there's always a place of your soul which will keep a portion of that feeling. That's why I call her 'old friend' now, instead of 'ex'.

Family: No support whatsoever on my comic career. Being the firstborn carries a big responsability on my family, that includes following a classic 'path' of the professional engineer as 'example' for the little brothers. Currenly, I'm irresponsable to the eyes of my parents for leaving the master's degree and dedicate myself to comics. I'm tired of trying to make them understand. I will stop searching for their acknowledge.

However, after my desertion from the master's degree and my sentimental breakdown, everything started to improve:

The Good

People: When I was on my career, it was so cold, so shallow, almost no one to talked about things, about who they were, everyone studying, no time to know anyone. Only 'carretes' (late night parties?),  with zero depth, beer, cigarrette and primitive music (reggaeton). There were some exceptions of course, but just a few. This year, I have met a lot of interesting and beautiful people. All thanks to my decision of entering the world of comics. Most of them are really kind people, which inspire you to keep going on. Some of them have helped me on the comic aspect, supporting me always on severasl ways. Others accept my presence and hang out with me sometimes, maybe to watch a movie in groups, eating pizza on the downtown or just to talk, which brings tranquility and happyness to my soul. Others critique me a lot and help me realize I can be cruel, cold and stupid (which I'm very thankful for their honesty). Others are so kind that even give me a place to sleep when I have to make long trips. Or even they go and visit me during the anime/comics conventions (there is even someone who has visited me several times just to see me, you have no idea how happy I was for that, no one has ever done that for me before T.T). I'm really grateful to meet you all, I would be nothing without you.

Cabra Lesa: My first published comic book. I can't thank enough to all the team of this webcomic, specially to its creator, Daniela Gonzalez. Was a period of hard work, a lot of interviews, book signing, shows, and overall a great time with a lot of people.

Comics and more comics: This had been the year of comics in Chile, and likewise, the year of most drawings I have ever made. My skills have increased a lot, and I plan to keep practicing to be better everyday.

Conventions: Quilpencils (our comic and illustration group) FTW.  We went to a lot of conventions this year. Some good, some bad, but full of nice experiences and great people.

Music: The quantity of great music I have collected this year is big enough to have a little section here. I don't know what I would do without music while I draw comics. Thanks to all the composers and singers (most of them from Asia)

Videogames: WoW is not the same for me, as for most games I play. I got bored of them pretty easily now. I think this is a good thing. because I can spend that time doing more productive things, and save the multiplayer for when I play with friends.

Surgery: More oxygen, better life :D.

So there was this decision I had to take. And you know what? I chose well. The fact of leaving the master's degree of biomedical engineering was a good choice. That was the starting point of a year full of travelling, hard work, beautiful experiences and fascinating people. In short, a bliss to the soul.

Also, the wounds within a deep corner of my soul (not the deepest, it that case you wouldn't be reading this right now) were healed thanks to the support of my friends, I really really appreciate it.

2011 was a year of change. Of the so called risk/reward. And I don't plan to stop. I feel happy to have taken an important decision in my life, and accept all the consequences it will carry, because everything was because of me, and the help of God.

I'm thankful

Let's hope the best for 2012. What do I wish?
To save money enough to leave my mother's house. To be less ranty. To see things with a more possitive eyes. To meet more interesting people, and make more friends. To be less shy. To travel even more. To be more spontaneous (I tend to overthink almost all my actions, due to my insecurities). To be stronger as a person (phisically and psychologically). To improve my technique on comics. To help more people. To share my knowledge with even more people. To have a second published the list goes on, maybe I'm wishing too much XD.

And I would like to finish with a phrase I like, because it speaks about the present, and our role during this present:

"Mark my words! This drill will open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who've fallen! The hopes of those who'll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow! And that's Tengen Toppa! That's Gurren Lagann!! My drill is the drill...that creates the heavens!!!"

My best wishes for this 2012 to all of you.
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clvago Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahora recien tuve tiempo de leer y realmente me siento bastante identificado dado que tampoco me gusta lo que esoy estudiando y me gustaria dedicarme seriamente al dibujo
natkougi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Publicaste esto 'hace tiempo', pero igual quise leerlo xD y me llamó la atención que también te pasara aquello de trabajar en algo que no te gusta pero paga bien, versus lo edificante y satisfactorio pero más inestable. Me motiva leer testimonios así :P se entiende que no pura amargura de uno, o un puro capricho eso de andar con cara de perro día a día al presentarse a la pega.

Espero que todo siga yendo bien para ti :D te admiro muchísimo y espero seguir viendo tu trabajo por ahí <3 por ti, y porque da esperanzas!


Novanim Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hola Natkougi!
Mientras lo escribía muchas veces pensé en borrarlo todo, ya que no sabía por donde empezar ni estaba seguro si valía la pena publicarlo. Me alegra que mis palabras fueron útiles para motivarte.
Lo interesante es que el viaje no ha terminado, pero hasta mi arriesgada decisión ha dado frutos positivos. Esto no quiere decir que cuando me encuentre con algun guijarro en el camino voy a bajonearme, ya que es en las dificultades cuando tenemos que demostrar de que estamos hechos.

Me esforzaré por seguire publicando mi trabajo.
Y oye! No vendes tu comics en formato fanzine en algún evento? Si lo veo por ahi te lo compro de una, ya que me encantan las aventuras de la Weona Fina jajaja, lo descubrí hace poco.

Saludos, y feliz año 2012
natkougi Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Definitivamente fue bueno :P a muchos nos sirve ese tipo de testimonios porque a veces la presión del entorno lava el cerebro y hace pensar que efectivamente estamos mal al desear hacer algo satisfactorio para uno mismo; algo que uno AME.

Obviamente no hay que bajar los brazos ante las adversidades; más bien hay que embestir con más fuerza :'D a la larga, mirar el difícil proceso vivido te vuelve más fuerte.

Sí vendo mis comics pero no he tenido chances en eventos D: los vendo personalmente y también se venden en el Persa Los Morros, en un puesto de comics y literatura que tiene mi hermana :P Me alegra que te guste 'La weona fina'! Pensé que la gente se pondría sensible con ese estilo xD jajajaja

Saludos! un abrazo y toda la fuerza del mundo <3 para vencer a todos los demonios del pasado y del 2012!
RoVerdugo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Feliz año Diego, que este proximo año sea la raja en todo sentido, puedas cumplir todas tus metas, y rompas culos en el mundo del comic =) mucha suerte y sigue asi!
Novanim Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Muchas gracias por tus palabras :D. Me esforzaré porque este año sea tan buneo o mejor que el anterior.
Parady Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
Wow that was quite inspiring ! I kind of understand the family and study situation ; being the eldest myself , we have the rough start , the Little brothers and little sister have it easier ... man the pression drives you nuts hahaha :D Anyhoo , seem 2011 was quite a good opportunity for you . Best wish for 2012 . Happy New Year!
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